Project Development

​​Being in the alternative energy business for 23+ years, we at AES have a firm understanding of how to provide energy cost savings to your project. With this savings not only are you providing a cleaner solution to our environment, but more importantly it is savings in your pocket.

Some project examples include: (i) A 6,000 Hp high-pressure steam plant replacement at Parkchester Apartments. (ii) A 750 Hp steam to hot water boiler conversion and replacement project at Claridge House One Condominium Association, located in Vernona, NJ. (iii) A conversion of a nursing home domestic hot water system from electric heating to natural gas in Bronx, New York.

Energy Cost Savings Projects

​​Here is a example of one of our Energy Savings Projects which is a micro-cogeneration unit.

AES-NJ Cogen Co. Inc owns, operates and maintains approximately 100 micro-cogeneration unites in the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania area. Along with these units, we own, operate, and maintain several natural gas engine driven chiller projects and energy efficient boiler plants upgrades. Our Company is a licensed general and mechanical contractor, a licensed master plumber, a licensed backflow prevention, device testing contractor and public works contractor in New Jersey and New York.



Emergency Repairs

​​While our primary focus is creating, operating, and maintaining projects a common concern in our field is repairs / rentals. With our expert staff we are commited to help prevent, replace, and rent out supplies such as chillers, cogeneration systems, pumps, pipes, emergency generators and any other mechanical / plumbing / electrial needs to keep your buisness up and running in a timely manner. AES-NJ Cogen can answer your calls any time and works 7 days a week to provide you with our excellent expertise and service.

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Meeting your Goals

You can kick your feet up and relax because we have you covered from all aspects. Working with commercial, industrial, and residential projects we understand that each project is a unique opportunity to provide you with an energy cost savings opportunity.

We will work with you to create an environment that suits your needs whether that is adapting to physical demands, or economical demands of your project. Our biggest concern is meeting your expectations and goals.


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